Positive Focus

Reality falls all around us, but we don’t see reality; we mostly see only what we focus on.

It’s like looking through a camera lens: as you spin the focusing ring, objects near or far come into or fall out of focus. It’s not that they disappear, but the eye is naturally drawn to the objects in focus.

Thus if you have a generally positive outlook, your attention will be continually drawn toward the good around you. The hopeful. The promising. The endless world of possibilities.

focusIf you have a generally negative outlook, you will notice the bad. The cruelty and injustice. Scarcity and selfishness. The confirmation of all your doubts and fears. The subconscious mind gathers this evidence of a dangerous world, loving nothing more than to prove it was right all along.

To make matters worse, your perspective is not entirely under your control. Your perceptions are continually manipulated by your emotions in both subtle and obvious ways.

If your subconscious believes in scarcity, then any threat of loss or lack triggers a cascade of negative emotions to reinforce that fear. If your mind stores a deep-seated memory of abandonment, then any hint of loss presses that button, and the emotion makes it seem all the more real.

Lucky for you, your conscious mind is smarter and can take action. You can actively choose a positive outlook. You can systematically look for evidence of the good. You can make the decision to act better than you have in the past and change your world. And when you find the deep subconscious blocks too difficult to fight on your own, you can ask for help.

That’s our territory. That’s where we excel. Contact us as soon as you’re ready for us to help you diffuse the powerful emotions to give you a better shot at building a positive outlook.

Focusing on the positive has benefits beyond the obvious smile it puts on your face and enhanced motivation due to your improved sense of hope.  Positive thoughts also:

  • Erode deep negative beliefs, accelerating your healing and growth.
  • Create new habits of thinking positively; thus optimism in one area of your life supports positivity in others.
  • Give you strength and motivation to gracefully fight your daily battle (or, to put it more positively, celebrate your daily birthday party or live your daily adventure).
  • Build the world around you that you will spend the rest of your life living in. Why live out your days within the storm when you can readily enjoy more warm sunshine and refreshing breezes?

The final barrier to a positive outlook is logic. Your conscious mind may examine the evidence and conclude that “sure enough, it’s a miserable world out there,” and thus resist more positive thinking.

The problem with this “logic” is its incompleteness. The fact is, there’s more than enough evidence to support any outlook, good or bad.

Rather than battle to correctly describe the world, logic should dictate that you influence that world and make it a better place by adding your genuine smile and hopeful outlook to it.

Because in the end, it’s not reality that matters most, but your experience of it, and that is very much within your control.



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