Energy Healing Education

Our motivation is to make the world a clearer, healthier, more loving, and all-around better place, and we can’t do that quickly enough on our own. That’s why we’re eager to train talented energy healers in all our techniques. If this interests you, please consider the following courses.

Basic Intuitive Connection

This course introduces the basics of intuitive connection to people without extensive experience and is recommended to everyone, regardless of interest level in becoming a healer.

TRUEYOUfcoverYou get to practice and develop and we shorten your learning curve through in-depth instruction and personal feedback to hone your personal skills.

It also includes a limited introduction to intuitive energy healing skills to give you a chance to try them out and explore your interest in additional courses.

This course is a prerequisite for all other courses unless you have received this training elsewhere.

You may also learn these skills via self-paced study with our book True You: the simple art of seeing who you truly are. Paperback: $7.99 Kindle: $3.99

Basic Intuitive Energy Healing

This course introduces ten basic intuitive energy healing techniques and provides intuitive feedback, which means that instructors observe your connection and effectiveness and coach you to optimize your skills.Heal Your Emotions

You also learn about the most common pitfalls and red flags and practice strategies to deal with them effectively.

This course is a prerequisite for all subsequent courses unless you have significant background in similar healing arts.

You may also learn these skills via self-paced study with our book Heal Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Speaking your Brain’s Languages and Turning Pain into Power. Paperback: $19.99 Kindle: $8.99

Intermediate Intuitive Energy Healing

Several courses are being developed under the intermediate label, each presenting a specific skill set and including personalized intuitive feedback.

Healer Clarity Package

As part of their training or due to their sensitivity, it seems that the most talented energy healers have personally experienced a significant amount of trauma or need for clearing their own energy. This clearing is crucial in order to optimize healing abilities for others.

We especially enjoy working with healers because they instantly recognize and appreciate how quickly and effectively we work, and so we offer special a la carte packages to clear your energies in each Foundation Checklist area.

Advanced Intuitive Energy Healing

We do not yet offer advanced training, which will be by invitation only to students who meet certain criteria.



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