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Teamwork: Your Part, Our Part

One reason we get such fast healing results is that we recognize the value of teamwork in this process – to get the fastest and best results, we need your help.

Our part is to help weaken and heal the deep-rooted fears, hurts, and other subconscious blocks to your happiness, health and abundance. You’ll notice that negative emotions seem to lose their strength and more positive feelings and perceptions become possible.

Your part involves consciously choosing and strengthening a more positive, hopeful, and self-loving paradigm. In other words, you may design your life without the former barriers that made it so difficult or impossible.

Of course we can also assist you with choosing and creating your new reality, and we’ve provided many resources on this site to assist you. Find them listed under Foundational Concepts and in many of our Podcasts.

Here are a few metaphors to illustrate our partnership:

It’s like we’re a Search and Rescue team. When you get hurt or lost, we can’t help if you don’t call us; and in the future, the better you prepare, the less likely you’ll get hurt or lost again (watch my keynote address for a Chamber of Commerce event for one great example).

It’s like an unpleasant cloud is hanging continually over you, but when you try to move into the sun, thick ropes hold you in place. We cut the ropes to free you, and you choose where to go.
The ropes are actually neural pathways deep in your mind, and once they loosen up, if you don’t replace the dark thoughts with brighter ones, the old thoughts may reappear. It may take many sessions to cut all the old ropes and make the change complete and permanent, so the stronger you build your positive foundation, the sooner you’ll enjoy the results you want.

It’s like the Heimlich maneuver. We’ll help clear the obstruction so you can breathe freely, and then it’s your responsibility to not swallow damaging things, like negative beliefs about yourself and what you deserve.

Why Affirmations Don’t Work – and How to Fix Them

Business TalksIf you’ve ever tried affirmations (or if you’re a fan of “The Secret”), then you’ve probably noticed that they didn’t work as well – or as quickly – as you hoped. Well, there’s a good reason for that! This podcast explains it and how to turn your affirmations into powerful perception- and world-altering tools.