How We Help

“The eyes are the window of the soul,” they say, and it’s true, so why don’t we pause to look through those windows more often?

Probably because it can feel so uncomfortable – on some level, you are deeply aware that others can see straight through you, and if you’re not confident enough about what they’ll see there, you may avert your eyes and pretend that this deep energy connection doesn’t exist, and that you’re satisfied to define yourself merely by less intrinsic attributes such as your career, gender, talents, possessions, accomplishments and lifestyle.

This inherent connection between people provides the foundation of how creates such fast, deep and lasting change.

Because this connection works in both directions, we are able to first explore through your deep beliefs, fears, wounds, and other pertinent components, and then influence them to change, learn, release, and otherwise support healing and progress.

A typical rapid energy healing session may go something like this:

  1. You tell us any specific concerns you would like us to address. There’s no need to provide many details – just enough to get us in touch with what you want addressed. In fact, we may end up telling you details about your life that we have no way of knowing other than through our intuitive connection.
  2. We get to work. First we seek to see the concern clearly where it’s embedded in your brain or body, tracing it to its deepest origin point for the fastest and most lasting effect; and the mere act of seeing it begins to have a transforming effect. If you are sensitive to subtle energy, you will likely be aware of this shift as it occurs.
  3. We will sense the most effective and appropriate techniques from dozens within our repertoire, checking at each step to ensure we’re following the best path. Most commonly, we detect your concerns as tightly constricted dark energies which slowly loosen, lighten and release. At this point, you may feel relief and the sense of joy that typically accompanies healing. Also, new, more productive and effective thoughts may naturally appear in your mind.
  4. We may also share insights that apply specifically to you and ask you to write them down. You should review these ideas frequently to deepen whatever healing has occurred and root the new change firmly in place.
  5. The primary purpose of life is growth in order to increase our capacity and joy, and on rare occasions, the optimal next step is for you to exercise your courage in order to learn rather than have all obstacles removed, which may cheat you of valuable growth. In this case, we’ll talk you through it and encourage you, as well as providing any additional support to make your efforts easier and more successful.

Beyond these generalities, each session differs widely. Sometimes we find deep-seated fears, which are thrilling to address and usually surprisingly easy and quick to work through. Sometimes we find complex paradigms that limit your growth and healing, and unwind them as efficiently as possible.

Most of our clients notice immediate and sometimes dramatic improvement, feeling lighter, happier and clearer. If you’re new to energy work and less sensitive to subtle energy, you may not notice much, but if you pay attention, you should notice changes as they continue to fall in place over the next several days following your session.

How does compare to other energy healing?
Energy healing typically falls under one of four main headings, moving from general to specific. REH’s interactive energy healing is highly specific.

> Pure energy healing consists of directing subtle energies while attaching only general meaning to it. These practices can provide support that sometimes results in quick, effective healing, though results vary widely between practitioners, patients, and the condition being addressed.

Examples include Reiki and this simple-to-learn headache removal technique:

When someone has a headache, hold your hands a few inches over their head (with practice, you can do this from across the room or farther). Detect the areas where you feel the most energy, which feels very much like heat or a light tingling sensation. Keep your hands in place, allowing the energy to flow through you (don’t worry about that, just keep feeling the “heat”) until the headache lessens or moves to another location.

A skilled energy healer can thus resolve most headaches in as quick as ten seconds, and many migraines in a minute or two. Note that this skill works best on headaches involving an energetic (generally emotional or mental) trigger. Purely physical triggers such as traumatic brain injury may not yield the same results.

> Physical manipulation healing such as massage, reflexology or cranial sacral may address deep emotional wounds via their connection to the body. The best practitioners rely heavily on intuition to know how and where to work on the body for best results.

> Interactive intuitive healing involves immediate two-way intuitive communication between the practitioner and client. This is the most direct route to address deep concerns and has the potential to attain the fastest and most thorough results. Results and abilities vary highly between practitioners. REH has a reputation among highly-regarded energy healers for being extremely fast and effective. Subscribe to our podcast for stories and specific examples.

> Divine energy healing means that the practitioner draws on higher powers from beyond him or herself to direct healing for the client. Results typically far exceed the practitioner’s individual ability, though some practitioners may be more effective at soliciting and directing this healing. This is often included as part of other modalities.

When you’re ready to give a try, contact us and we’ll reply to discuss your specific needs and to schedule an appointment.