Speed Healing 101

If people were machines, repair would be simple. We could replace a broken part or upload a software patch and voilĂ ! Good as new.

But people are not machines; we are life, and life is always marvelously complex. People are more like plants. Some repairs can be made immediately, while others require care and time. Of course, all healing may be accelerated with the right conditions and tools.

Most people grow like wild plants, largely at the mercy their environment and scarcely aware of their inherent power to design their own lives. Though each individual seed reacts differently, harsh conditions (like abuse or drought of love and support) may damage the plant and stunt its growth, or sometimes make the plant grow stronger with sturdy stems and deep roots.

Rapid, lasting healing for people requires the same combination of care as you would find on a farm where skilled hands work hard to maximize growth:

Plow Your Field
People rarely heal until they’re willing to change. You can wait until you’re so tired of your limitations, after life has kicked you in the shins enough to persuade you to let go of your own ways and perspectives, or you can decide right now that it’s time to change.

Flexibility allows for two important components of progress: learning and unlearning.

wheatthrivePlant Seeds
Learning new, liberating perspectives about who you are and how life works can quickly send new, green shoots bursting forth in your field, and it won’t be long before you can enjoy your harvest.

Read through our Conscious Foundation articles for insights worth planting in your life. When you find it difficult to make these ideas sprout and take hold in your mind, contact us for assistance. We work at deep root level and can greatly accelerate your learning.

Pull Weeds
Sometimes learning new ideas is not enough. Old ones must be skillfully removed (unlearned) whose roots tangle through your heart and mind, making movement difficult and choking out the new seeds.

When old ideas, beliefs, injuries, emotions, and perceptions are too deeply engrained and difficult to remove, contact the specialists here at RapidEnergyHealing.com to ease your journey.

Supportive Environment
Once the ground and seed are in place, all the plant requires is a supportive environment with water and sunshine for it to thrive. Look around and decide which habits, friends and other conditions could be improved to keep you thriving. Life is too short not to make the most of it!

This article has provided a very general overview of our healing philosophy. Click here to read specific information about how we work with you and how our techniques compare to other, less-direct modalities.