Service Options & Pricing

Choose the rapid energy healing service option that best fits your circumstances.

Free Energy Healing Session

You may earn a free energy healing session (of any type) for every three new clients referrals you send us. Each new client must name you as a referral before their first session, and we will inquire whether they were referred as a reminder.

Option 1: Remote Independent Energy Healing

This option is designed to provide highly effective energy healing at bargain outlet pricing. After you place your order, we will reply with a brief questionnaire asking about the area you’d like us to help with.

We’ll work at it until we make substantial progress. We guarantee to make substantial progress, but we do not guarantee that you’ll notice the difference as energy sensitivity varies widely between individuals, some concerns are less readily observed, and because once you change, you tend to forget the way you used to feel, which serves as perfect proof of thorough change.

This option does not include a follow-up report, but knowing us, we may send you one anyway with interesting observations and insights that we observed while working on you. We’d also love to hear your feedback on the progress you experience!

If you request this service on behalf of a third party, it’s considered general energy work protocol to first obtain that person’s permission. If for some reason you are unable or unwilling to ask that person, we will at least make sure that it’s the right thing to do and intuitively obtain permission from the individual’s “higher self.” If we don’t feel right about proceeding, we will explain this to you and happily refund your purchase.

Select Remote Independent Energy Healing Session Quantity

Option 2: Remote Telephone Energy Healing

This option allows anyone with a telephone to enjoy a 90-minute rapid energy healing session. Once you place your order, we will reply to schedule an appointment and send you a brief questionnaire asking about the area you’d like to work on with us.

We will call you at the appointed time (unless you are outside the US, in which case you must call us or use Skype) and we will begin working as specified by your responses to the questionnaire.

Typically, we will connect to the area of concern and report to you results and insights as we go along. Be prepared to write down insights or instructions that we recommend for you to review or act on in the days following the session.

We may ask some questions as we proceed, but you need not provide an explanation or background story and if you begin to, be prepared for us to stop you so that we can make the most productive use of our session time.

Clients often experience immediate relief and epiphanies. If you are sensitive to subtle energy, you will feel it shift as we work. If you don’t, don’t worry, it’s still working and whatever we accomplish should clear or correct imperfect energies and support optimal living.

Note that your first session price is discounted by $50, or save $167 if you purchase three sessions before your first appointment.

Select Remote Telephone Energy Healing Session Quantity

Option 3: In-Person Energy Healing

It’s always nice to meet face to face, and if your circumstances allow, we welcome it. Meeting in person may allow us to apply a few more modalities (like Reiki), although our fastest and most effective techniques do not require proximity. Your session will proceed similarly to Option 2.

When we schedule your in-person energy healing session, we will provide our address, or we can travel to your location if you live in central Utah Valley.

If you’d like to invite us to travel to a more distant location, let us know through our Contact Us page, and we’ll discuss options and pricing.

Select In Person Energy Healing Session Quantity

Option 4: Rapid Energy Healing Training

We’ve spent decades developing our advanced intuitive healing techniques, and we’d love to train you and others in them. We offer single- and multi-day workshops tailored to the experience level of attendees, from novice to advanced.

If interested, inquire via our Contact Us page and we can discuss options.